Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

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  • "Create Once, Experience Everywhere" 3D/VR Format Unveiled by Immersive Education Initiative

  • Enclave harbour

Virtual science field trips focused on environmental science as explained through Life, Earth, and Physical Science principles.

Guided workbook coming 2012.

For teachers and parents who want to encourage their students and children to explore and study science in a fun and meaningful manner.

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Sustainability Education at Enclave Harbour

  • NASA's Moon World moves to OpenSim

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NASA’s Moon World moves to OpenSim"

  • Air Force to build virtual training lab on OpenSim

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Press Release: Designing Digitally, Inc. Wins 2011 Air Force Research Lab Virtual World Contract

  • DoD gives PTSD help 'second life' in virtual reality

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US Army

  • TÜV Nord in SecondLife
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  • Talentraspel OpenSimulator Ökosystem
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  • Ende der Kreidezeit

Bildung und Mensch im digitalen Zeitalter - Gunter Dueck. Das Video ist zwar (relativ) lang, aber es lohnt sich absolut, es aufmerksam anzusehen. Und bei 4:24 fällt der Begriff "Virtueller Baukasten".